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Robe at LDI 2022

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TX1 PosiProfile™
TX1 PosiProfile™TX1 PosiProfile™
iBeam 250™
iBeam 250™iBeam 250™
LEDBeam 350™
LEDBeam 350™LEDBeam 350™
T11 Profile™
T11 Profile™T11 Profile™
T11 Fresnel™
T11 Fresnel™T11 Fresnel™
T11 PC™
T11 PC™T11 PC™

Robe is delighted to be back at LDI 2022 in Las Vegas, action-packed with a range of exciting new products and innovative lighting technologies on Booth 1943 that will stun and amaze visitors!

New products shown at a US expo for the first time will include Robe’s impressive and potent iFORTE® moving light and the iFORTE FSTM (follow spot) luminaire - both IP65 versions of the original FORTETM - currently Robe’s highest-powered TE™ (TRANSFERABLE ENGINE) LED luminaire.

Also the TX1 PosiProfile™, which combines the worlds of manual and automated lighting into a single, inventive fixture!

Robe’s expanding iSeries of weatherized products also includes the iSpiider® LED wash beam and iBeam 250™ which will join the iFORTE® on Booth 1943.

These iSeries fixtures will be integrated into a vibrant Robe live entertainment concept, the “All Environments” show, complete with a specially created lightshow presented in a purpose-built area together with LOTS of water! Unmissable!

Other current products presented will be the new PAINTE® and TetraX™ – a 360-degree continuous rotation LED bar – plus Robe’s popular LEDBeam 350™ and the ABTT Award-winning T11™ series, a three-into-one generic lighting solution for theatres and venues.

Dedicated demonstration areas on the booth will facilitate in-depth product examinations.


Robe’s most powerful iSeries continues to expand with the IP65-rated iFORTE® which combines a massive output and multiple effects in a package ready for all outdoor challenges including bad weather.

Just 1.5kg heavier than the standard FORTE®, iFORTE® offers all the quality, features, and identical performance of the original luminaire, enabling seamless integration of the two types if desired.

The ingenious ingress protection system allows standard maintenance and preparation procedures – like TRANSFERABLE ENGINE™ exchange and gobo replacement – to be conducted on site and without any additional tools.

The onboard RAINS™ (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) manages humidity, temperature, and pressure control, using active monitoring to automatically remove any moisture detected within the fixture, while ongoing monitoring ensures peak performance.


Designed for precision follow spotting applications in outdoor environments, the iFORTE FS comes with an integrated IP65 camera for weather resistant remote outdoor follow spotting!

TX1 PosiProfile™

Combining the worlds of manual / generic and fully automated lighting fixtures, the TX1 PosiProfile™ is a new and revolutionary luminaire designed to operate as a moving head or as a static but repositionable profile.

The TX1 can be positioned and operated in extremely confined spaces where crew access is challenging or where movement options are severely limited or not required.

Usually, fixtures require pre-use pan and tilt movement to calibrate to ensure accurate control when power cycling, but not the TX1!

Robe’s new MAPS™ (Motionless Absolute Positioning System) patented technology enables the fixture to stay motionless whilst calibrating, unlike all other lights that must at least move to their home position! Great for tight spaces!

Using Robe’s patented BARS™ (Brake Attribute Retention System) – operated directly from the lighting console – TX1 remains static with motorized attributes like pan and tilt, zoom and focus, locked in place until being released. Simple and effective, BARS equipped fixtures remain motionless fixed in place, through unlimited power cycles.

The quality of the light output is outstanding with the MSL-TE™ 500W Multi-Spectral LED engine generating over 13.500 lumens and delivering all the advantages of data harvesting, cost-effective engine change and longevity made possible with Robe’s unique TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology.

Also …

The lively Robe stand will be additionally enhanced with the presence of architectural lighting brand Anolis – A Robe Business – which will have its own space on the booth and be highlighting the brand new Calumma™ range, alongside the popular Anolis Ambiane™ and Eminere™ product ranges. All of which are relevant to a plethora of crossover entertainment and architainment projects and scenarios.

Robe will also be active on the GDTF booth - 1349 - where it is among the key supporting manufacturers. The booth will be staffed by a combination team from Vectorworks, MA Lighting and Robe in addition to other GDTF advocates who already have booths on the show floor.

Robe’s customer services manager Petr Vaněk will be on the GDTF booth during the Friday and Saturday afternoons (3 - 6pm) to run a series of “Learn How to Create Your Own GDTF Files” workshops. These hands-on training sessions will teach interested parties how to generate, alter, and maintain GDTF files; how to utilize the GDTF Share website to locate GDTF files, and how to take advantage of the GDTF Fixture Builder to edit fixtures and create basic fixture types.

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